An intimate elopement in Sedona

Alex and Alyssa met 3 years ago in Tulsa, Oklahoma and flew to Arizona to elope in the intimate and breathtaking red rocks of Sedona. We started at Tlaquepaque, a beautiful outdoor market nestled beneath the shade of the sycamores on the banks of Oak Creek in Sedona, that has the most incredible architecture and makes you feel as if you are in another country.The thing that sticks to my mind the most about arriving at Tlaquepaque was as we were walking up the cobblestone steps to the entrance Alex’s mom said “Ever since Alex was a child he said someday he would bring his future wife here.” We walked through the village admiring the shops and scenery and ended up in the market dancing in the center with a crowd of shoppers as the violin was played. Straight out of a movie, right?We met back at Alex’s mothers house where they got dressed and we headed out to the most stunning location with the red rocks in the back giving us the perfect view for their first look. There were tears, laughter and lots of champagne.I love couples who are willing to do their own thing. There are often a handful of reasons that a couple decides to elope and it’s always such an incredible experience that is so true and so unique to them. You strip away the pressure of having the perfect wedding, perfect florals, dress, etc. and make it about the two of you and the experience and the end result is so special.Thank you Alex + Alyssa for including me in your adventure and for doing things your own way!

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