About Me

Hey, I’m Charlotte and i’m a full time wedding and portrait photographer based out of Mesa, AZ. I’m married to my best friend Billy and have two sweet little babes! We absolutely love to travel, and by we I mean me but I like to drag them along on long road trips whenever I can! We are traveling all over this year, so if you love my work but live in a different state, just say the word and i’ll be there!For me photography is not a job, it’s art and it’s the one thing I absolutely love doing and being able to express myself through! I like to think that my work reflects the intimate and in between moments rather than you just staring at a camera, holding a stiff pose and smiling. I will never tell my clients to look at me and smile, that’s just not the photographer I am. If that’s your kind of photographer, my work may not be the best fit for you, and that’s okay! Everyone deserves to have their biggest moments captured by someone who’s work really speaks to them. I want sessions with me to be an experience, something that we are both SO excited for, something memorable and something that when you get your photos back you can really re-live all over again. My ideal shoots are in unique locations, with rad couples who don’t mind getting their clothes dirty, running through water, or getting their hair windswept and messy to get the perfect shot!

But enough about me, I want to hear about you! This whole experience is about YOU and you can get to know me along the way. Think I sound like a good fit for you? Hit that contact button and tell me all about you and your vision!